To install the LODA command-line tool, follow the instuctions for your operating system below.

Ubuntu and macOS

To install LODA in Ubuntu or macOS, you first need to map your operating system version to a LODA executable using the following table:

Operating System LODA Executable
Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic Beaver) loda-ubuntu-18
Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal Fossa) loda-ubuntu-20
macOS 11 (Big Sur) loda-macos-11

Open a terminal and set a temporary environment variable:

export LODA_EXEC=...

Next, you need to choose an installation directory for the executable and all files needed by LODA. The default is in your home directory at $HOME/loda.

export LODA_HOME=$HOME/loda

Now, you are ready to install LODA by running the following commands (copy & paste should work):

mkdir -p $LODA_HOME/bin
cd $LODA_HOME/bin
curl -fsSLo loda$LODA_EXEC
chmod u+x loda
./loda setup

This will start the interactive setup on the command line. On macOS, you may need to follow the guidelines for Safely opening apps.

Follow the instructions to finish the installation. After that, you can try loda eval A000045 as a Hello World example or directly start mining using loda mine!


Windows is currently not supported, but planned for future releases.

Updating LODA

Currently, you can follow the exact same steps as for the installation. This will overwrite the loda executable with the latest version and start loda setup.

In the future, we plan to support updating LODA directly using the loda setup command.